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Empower your career, with a Training Needs Analysis!

There are those of us who tend to await the opportunities. Hope that our efforts and hard work simply lead into professional opportunities. However the world is changing, and so too has the world of work. We can no longer rely on our employers...

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Skill Audits for Library Leaders – Using Training Needs Analyses to find the skill gaps that can transform your library.

We all have skills and knowledge that can add value to our workplace. Even those with no experience in the Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM) sector, will have transferrable skills that can be highly valuable to employers. However,...

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3 tips to help you create the ultimate children's reading area

A children's reading area is one of the most important parts of a library. It has the opportunity to bring together generations of readers together in one area, to share in a love of reading, to share in play, and to share in engaging with each...

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Libraries and their place in the fourth industrial revolution

Over time, the world has been fundamentally changed at pivotal moments in history.

The First Industrial Revolution was one of harnessing the power of water and steam to create mechanised production.

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Self-service in libraries - how to include self-service strategies in your library, without losing the human touch!

Self-service is a double-edged sword in every industry, but perhaps none more so than libraries. Even as technology becomes more prevalent and vital to the workings of a library, interaction with the public, and being able to engage and delight...

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How to Delight Students – Attracting Students With Study Spaces That Work!

Being a student can be frustrating. Usually, you share a room with other people who have different motivations or goals to you, and may end up playing music while you're trying to study. If studying at home, you’re often dealing with distractions...

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Create Your Own Little Free Library

Now and then an idea comes along that has the potential to change the world. Not because it is large and grandiose, but through simplicity and elegance, and in the case of the 'Little Free Library' initiative, created for all the right reasons.

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Why Library Workers are the Guardians of Truth in a World of Fake News

The importance of librarians and library workers in a culture of fake news and misinformation, is more important than ever.

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How you’re helping digitise the world’s resources with reCaptcha!

You're probably familiar with reCAPTCHA, the Google-owned system that enables websites to determine whether you are a human, or a virtual bot with bad intentions.

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5 library tech updates you could have ready in a week.

With the digital world moving faster with every passing day, it’s obviously important to understand the relevance and importance of intelligent technology within the library. Introducing elements within your library can only be seen as a positive...

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