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Student in focus: LTSA catches up with ex-student Kaili Parker Price

This month, LTSA caught up with ex-student Kaili Parker-Price to chat all things Library Education. 

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4 easy ways to make interactive kids library games

It’s no longer enough to have a great selection of reading material in a well maintained library. Even though the local community might really enjoy your space, when it comes to the local children, we’re competing with iPads, TV’s, Play Centres...

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Library staples: what people really want from their libraries!

Let’s call it the Apple Store Agenda, an environment where you can relax, use the gizmos and gadgets, get online or take a class without anyone hassling you or being too invasive. Thanks to pioneers such as Apple, Google and the like, the world’s...

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3 innovative ways to increase library traffic over the summer.

Well there is no denying it, this summer has been nothing but hot, hot, hot! With some of the warmest days on record, it’s easy to understand why people are looking for ways to keep their cool. So what can you do to ensure your library is not...

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