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Natalia Huber

Natalia is the company’s Vision Leader (i.e. Business Manager). She is passionate about re-imagining education for the Library and Information Services (LIS) sector, and delivering that vision. Natalia has over 9 years of experience working in adult learning, particularly from an organisational development and psychology perspective. She specialises in innovation, strategy development and delivery, blended learning solutions, and engaging adult learning experiences. Her greatest passion is helping people realise their passions for whatever they are or want to be doing. She is a crazy cat lady (with only two cats… but she’s working on it), and loves travelling and experiencing new cultures. Natalia loves libraries because they are magical places for the imagination. Libraries are places where you are illuminated with new ideas, thoughts, stories and journeys. They provide access to life-long learning, and in her eyes, that is what this crazy life is about. She reads mainly non-fiction and professional development books, but her favourite book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. She also has a (secret) soft spot for Edward The Emu, by Sheena Knowles.

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New Year. New You! 5 reasons to make studying a Library qualification with LTSA your New Year’s Resolution.

It’s amazing how little importance we place on personal or professional development over the Christmas break, and understandably so... it is 'that' crazy time of the year. Then, almost without warning and pretty quickly, New Years Eve is...

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Equity of access – not just for information

Attending the IFLA World Library and Information Congress, in Wroclaw Poland, in August 2017, provided us with a wealth of international best-practice and learning. One of the more interesting sessions we attended discussed the need to provide...

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‘Picture’ yourself ahead of the competition - Your guide to using Instagram for your Library!

Over the past two decades, libraries across the world have experienced a shift. Knowledge has been increasingly digitized, and anyone with a smart phone or computer has instant access to the information they desire. Now more than ever, libraries...

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Master the art of the book club - how to create awesome book clubs that people can’t get enough of!

It’s hard to find something more satisfying than reading a good book. The way your imagination comes to life at the turn of each page, the places you go, the people you meet, and the emotions you feel are like secret memories kept close with a...

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Top 3 ways to market your library

Like most organisations, libraries are definitely under pressure to deliver services with less resources and limited budgets. While we might day dream about putting rather expensive action plans into motion, the majority of the time, we're forced...

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How to increase library usage and attract different audiences

Libraries are always looking for innovative ways to bring new people through the doors. Imagine that you could delve further into your users by analysing their behavioural trends and delivering library resources to suit. How? Through curating...

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Why trained library employees will change everything

With the Library sector evolving, staff need the skills to keep up; whether it’s on the library floor with new technology, or simply in basic operational functions. Trained employees will make a world of difference in helping create a 21st...

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8 steps to improve your library

Libraries should be an exciting place to visit, no matter whether the need to visit is for research, learning or simply recreational purposes. Regardless, they need to be a space where people feel welcomed and relaxed which is why it’s important...

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7 interesting tech based library initiatives from around the globe

Thanks to new technologies, the internet and the rise of digital media, distance and remote locations are no longer a barrier to reach communities. In this ever changing technological society, innovation is a must. Pretty much every industry has...

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