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Natalia Huber

Natalia is the company’s Vision Leader (i.e. Business Manager). She is passionate about re-imagining education for the Library and Information Services (LIS) sector, and delivering that vision. Natalia has over 9 years of experience working in adult learning, particularly from an organisational development and psychology perspective. She specialises in innovation, strategy development and delivery, blended learning solutions, and engaging adult learning experiences. Her greatest passion is helping people realise their passions for whatever they are or want to be doing. She is a crazy cat lady (with only two cats… but she’s working on it), and loves travelling and experiencing new cultures. Natalia loves libraries because they are magical places for the imagination. Libraries are places where you are illuminated with new ideas, thoughts, stories and journeys. They provide access to life-long learning, and in her eyes, that is what this crazy life is about. She reads mainly non-fiction and professional development books, but her favourite book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. She also has a (secret) soft spot for Edward The Emu, by Sheena Knowles.

Recent Posts

RPL – What is it, and why is it so Important?

Recently, there has been much discussion over RPL, that is, Recognition of Prior Learning. It seems that there is much confusion over what it is and how you can seriously benefit from it. Controversially, it has recently drawn attention by less-than...

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3D Printing – Library’s future

Using a printer at the library will never be the same again with the introduction of amazing new technology – 3D printing in Libraries.  This printer is about the size of a large microwave oven and prints using the same type of light-weight plastic...

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Exciting new LIS roles for the future

There has never been a more fascinating and exciting time to enter into Library and Information Services (LIS). The world, and LIS industry, is at a tipping point of extraordinary change and of infinite possibility. Change is now the only true...

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10 Must-Have Apps For Students!

Here are some smartphone applications you may not have known existed, and they can make your learning experience, as well as life in general so much easier! If you are already an app user, check out the list below to find exciting new ones. If...

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How to Stay Motivated

Yes, the first sentence you are reading applies only to you and no one else! Have you ever wondered what motivation really is, and how one can keep oneself motivated in spite of all the negative forces pulling you in all different directions?...

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Spotlight on our Diploma of Library and Information Services

This month, we will be taking an in depth look at our Diploma of Library and Information Services, for those who may be considering up-grading their qualification to become a qualified Library Technician. This specialist course opens a new world for...

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Get to know: Your Training Manager – Helen Ladewig

Hi everyone!As LTSA’s Training Manager, I thought I might take this opportunity to introduce myself at a more personal level, other than all my library-related things.Well to start with, I have a background in aviation, gaining my Private Pilot’s...
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Remarkable Libraries – Spotlight on Edmonton Public Library Service

Libraries come in all shapes and sizes and fulfil numerous different functions. However the basic truth holds – those libraries that innovate and embrace their community, and their community’s needs, do the most extraordinary things.

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