Get to know: Billy – Company hound aka Team Supervisor

ltsa-billy.pngBilly, born on the 1st January 2005, started life as a pup with an identity crisis. In his mind, he is a human who happens to wear a fur coat. He never quite got the memo that he is a dog, and his family have never quite had the heart to tell him otherwise!

Billy started out his life as an ankle biter. Hiding under the couch, waiting and praying for the next unsuspecting leg and then nipping at any piece of expose flesh. Whilst Billy thought it was a great game, he was quickly taught otherwise, and learned the meaning of “no Billy!” It was a sad day for Billy when he could no longer fit under the couch.

Billy, like most men, hates vacuum cleaners. He hates them so much so that he would attack them. Sadly, he once got too close and his tongue caught in the air inlet, and to this day, he carries a scar on his tongue – Billy = 0, Vacuum Cleaner = 1. Over the years he has learned to come to an uncomfortable agreement with them.

Billy’s adventures continued at the age of five, where he also thought playing chicken with a car on Sandgate Road in Brisbane was a good idea. After doing a Houdini and crawling under the fence, he realised very quickly that cars and dogs don’t mix. Luckily, in true to Billy style, he bounced off the car only suffering a few scrapes, bents and a very bruised ego. Now, as a 10 year old ‘senior’, he is better shape than ever although he felt a bit sad when he got the “You’re a senior” letter from the doctor.

Over the years, Billy has developed a passion for high jump, often attempting to jump up to chase possums running along the back fence of his home. His short little legs don’t even get him half way up the fence, but he isn’t a quitter, and he still gives it his best shot. He loves chasing things – lizards, cats and birds who all try and eat his food, but again, Billy never gets close enough to be anything but a nuisance to the creatures that wander into the back yard.

Billy’s favourite things in the world is squeaky toys. He will sit for hours, tearing them apart. Once he gets them open, he will pull out all the stuffing, spit it out, until he has well and truly torn them to shreds, and then stand proud, showing of his amazing effort! Luckily, he leaves everything else alone (such as shoes and pillows).

Billy loves food, and whilst never over eats he has been known to sneak whole chunks of cheese from cheese platters when no one is looking, and has been caught red handed stealing a French baguette. The only thing stopping him was the door outside, as he couldn’t work out how to get the metre long baguette through the narrow gap in the door!

Billy also has a passion for coffee. When his mum and dad have finished their café latte, Billy (if he has behaved) gets to finish the little bits left at the bottom of the take away coffee cups. He seems to prefer a lively and full bodied Arabica roast with distinct caramel flavours and has now started to request Doggychinos when we go to the café.

Billy is a natural womaniser, preferring women to men. He always likes to tell men that he is the boss around the office, but is quite happy snuggling up with the ladies! He has proven time after time that he is loved by everyone including those that claim to hate small dogs. He truly does have the world wrapped around his little paw! Billy has now become the village dog around Portside Hamilton, here in Brisbane. Whenever he walks past the restaurants, apart from bringing smiles to everyone’s faces, he gets given meatballs, pasta, ice cream and chunks of grass-fed sirloin. This is truly what you call a dog’s life!

At LTSA, Billy is in charge of all supervisory duties, ensuring that everything get done around the office. He takes his role very seriously, and is accountable for bringing some fun, warmth and laughs into the workplace! He absolutely loves our Training Manager Helen, who is one of his favourite people in the whole world! He shakes hands with guests, and loves being around where all the action is, especially when he’s not sleeping on his reading chair. On his lunch breaks, he is usually found lazing in the sunny spot sunbathing! Billy’s extension is 110 and is happy to have a chat to anyone who needs a ‘pick-me-up’.

 DSC00027-150x150.jpg  IMG_8930-150x150.jpg  IMG_2507-150x150.jpg
Man about town Ankle biter Cute alert!


 Billy-1-150x150.jpg Bily-3-150x150.jpg 
                      Doggychino                          No corner goes un-licked

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