New Year. New You! 5 reasons to make studying a Library qualification with LTSA your New Year’s Resolution.

It’s amazing how little importance we place on personal or professional development over the Christmas break, and understandably so... it is 'that' crazy time of the year. Then, almost without warning and pretty quickly, New Years Eve is approaching. For me, this is certainly the time of year for reflection of a past year that is always, without question, more challenging than the previous one (as much as we hope for life/everything to get easier!). However, just as important as reflection - looking at the wins and losses, looking at the good and the less positive, what learnings we picked up; is looking forward to the year ahead.

Professional and personal growth comes with the understanding that to be better, we need to make better decisions, push ourselves outside of our comfort zone and to prioritise better. As the saying goes "A comfort zone is a beautiful place... but nothing ever grows there" (unknown author). The start of the year is a great way to draw a line in the sand, put the past where it belongs (behind us!), and look at what we need to do to become who we wish to be. We don't get there through osmosis. We get there through hard work, disciplined and strategic action. This is the time for MASSIVE action! The craziness is behind us, and we have a blank slate moving forward.

If this year is the year you have decided to undertake a library and information services (LIS) qualification, at either a Certificate II, Certificate III or Certificate IV level for a Library Assistant level, or a Diploma of Library and Information Services for a Library Technician or paraprofessional level role, then we would love to outline just how easy it can be to make your study aspirations achievable here at LTSA.

5 Reasons to make studying at LTSA a part of your New Year’s Resolution to a new career... and a new you.


1. You can study anywhere and at anytime with remote learning.

LTSA delivers flexibility in learning by conducting study via elearning. This is incorporated with Work Integrated Learning (WIL), which is learning whilst having access to a practical component in your workplace through a volunteering position. This practical component and ongoing practical experience means that not only do you graduate with a leading Australian qualification, but that you also are much more employable due to all of your working or volunteering experience! This is the ultimate advantage when looking for a new role.

Studying through LTSA means that you'll receive all of the required education materials, learner guides and assessments for you to complete in your own time and at your own pace. Typically your study timeline should be around one subject every month (full-time), six-weekly (part-time) – or quicker if you wish! We can be flexible, depending on your specific requirements.

2. Apply for Recognition of Prior Learning and complete your program in record time.

You can also undertake study through Recognition of Prior Learning. RPL is the process of recognising that you may be competent in an area of study or subject, regardless of how, when or where your learning occurred in the past. It is essentially an assessment only methodology which requires you to gather evidence of your competence in a subject or whole qualification. More information on RPL can be found here.

3. You’re in control. Choose the program that suits you.

You can enrol in individual, nationally recognised units or subjects to update a particular skill set in a specific subject area (and gain a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment), or you can enrol in a full nationally recognised qualification, such as a Certificate II, III, IV or Diploma. For more information on our courses and individual units, the time frames and investment, please refer to our courses section.


4. Get the support you need to achieve, learn and grow.

LTSA offers extensive support throughout your entire study. We provide our students with an expert trainer to assist with theoretical and practical requirements and a Student Support Officer to help with time management, difficult times, or motivation. Contact can be made at any time via phone, email, Skype, our private student Facebook group, or homing pigeon! Whatever works for you. 


5. Get access to the latest 21st century library and information services education. LIS education has never been more interesting and accessible than today. So take advantage of it!

LTSA travels nationally and internationally to ensure we get access to the latest LIS best-practice. We don't teach how libraries were 10 years ago. We teach for libraries today, and libraries tomorrow. We ensure that you are getting best-practice, 21st century LIS information and education. There are no face-to-face classes, however, you have the support of our industry leading and industry current trainers and assessors - they really are the best people to help you get to where you want to go. 

As Australia's leading provider in library and information services qualification and education, LTSA is here to partner with you and walk beside you during an exciting time to work in library and information services! The future is bright and exciting for those who are passionate about lifelong learning, ongoing professional development, and who are passionate about delivering amazing services for their community. 

So what are you waiting for? Click here to contact us about making study your New Years Resolution.

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