Spotlight on our Diploma of Library and Information Services

people-2.pngThis month, we will be taking an in depth look at our Diploma of Library and Information Services, for those who may be considering up-grading their qualification to become a qualified Library Technician. This specialist course opens a new world for those in Library and Information Services. Designed for para-professionals, the Diploma qualification enables you to work confidently in different specialist areas including working as a team leader or supervisor in a library. In smaller libraries, this may involve a key leadership and management position.

But seriously, what value does a Diploma provide, and why would you consider it?

It all starts with passion and where you want to end up in your Library and Information Services (LIS) career. Studying a diploma is for those who are seriously passionate about making a difference in the LIS sector. It isn’t just about learning how to catalogue, learning about acquisitions, maintenance of resources, etc., it is about making a genuine difference to the lives of those in your community whom you are serving and supporting. This could be at a primary school, at a public library, in a legal library, in a corporate library, or wherever you are based. Armed with a Diploma, you not only have the skills and knowledge to perform at the highest level, you are also armed with the skills and knowledge to start to make a difference on a larger scale. Passion will be a key defining characteristic throughout your career that will ensure success, that will differentiate you from most others,and that will provide you with longevity in changing a landscape.

iStock_000026101498_Large-948x1024.jpgHow can you help your community? With a Diploma (and of course, to a certain level, without one), you can help your community through implementing engaging learning initiatives that inspire or develop new horizons. This can include outreach programs, reader programs, education sessions etc. You can help your community through providing them with knowledge on how to source the exact information they require, and go further to enhance their own skills in this area. You can help your community through transforming your library with new technologies and access to new digital information (not all of this costs a huge amount of money – there are so many free services out there!). You can help your community through providing opportunities for collaboration, creation and mutual support and interaction, and can even enable your community to do this online. You can help your community by providing them a safe, comforting place to go to feel connected, to feel inspired, and to feel intellectually challenged. You aren’t delivering just library services, you are delivering ideas, knowledge, information, access to and help with literacy, comfort, peace and connectivity. These are the crucial elements that connect libraries to their patrons. With the right level of knowledge and skills, and with the right goals and focus, you can really leverage your education and experience to do some truly wonderful things.

A Diploma also delivers you greater freedom. It enables greater variability in where you can work, it delivers greater employability, most often it increases your pay level, and importantly, it enables the perfect platform on which you can transfer to a full undergraduate, or post graduate course should you wish to consider Librarianship or Information Studies. It also enables freedom to make more choices, to express yourself through your work more, and the freedom to make a difference on a larger scale. For those who wish to become a librarian, taking a paraprofessional position, such as a Library Technician role and completing a Diploma, is one way to find out if it is the right fit, prior to investing a lot of money and time in a degree. And, the Diploma can always provide credits to your Degree should you wish to upgrade.

For more specific information on the nuts and bolts of a Diploma click here.

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