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New Year. New You! 5 reasons to make studying a Library qualification with LTSA your New Year’s Resolution.

It’s amazing how little importance we place on personal or professional development over the Christmas break, and understandably so... it is 'that' crazy time of the year. Then, almost without warning and pretty quickly, New Years Eve is...

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Empower your career, with a Training Needs Analysis!

There are those of us who tend to await the opportunities. Hope that our efforts and hard work simply lead into professional opportunities. However the world is changing, and so too has the world of work. We can no longer rely on our employers...

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The Top 10 Skills Required for a Successful Library and Information Services Career

In a rapidly changing environment, it is critical that Library and Information Services (LIS) workers are equipped with the right skills to not only get the job done, but to excel and contribute to the wider organisation’s success. Some of these...

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