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Equity of access – not just for information

Attending the IFLA World Library and Information Congress, in Wroclaw Poland, in August 2017, provided us with a wealth of international best-practice and learning. One of the more interesting sessions we attended discussed the need to provide...

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‘Picture’ yourself ahead of the competition - Your guide to using Instagram for your Library!

Over the past two decades, libraries across the world have experienced a shift. Knowledge has been increasingly digitized, and anyone with a smart phone or computer has instant access to the information they desire. Now more than ever, libraries...

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Master the art of the book club - how to create awesome book clubs that people can’t get enough of!

It’s hard to find something more satisfying than reading a good book. The way your imagination comes to life at the turn of each page, the places you go, the people you meet, and the emotions you feel are like secret memories kept close with a...

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Leadership and Vision for Library and Information Services

Leadership is required to steer a ship to its desired location. Whilst the pathway can vary and change, in the end, the destination remains constant. This destination, is the organisation’s vision. The pathway, is the organisational strategy and...

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