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Empower your career, with a Training Needs Analysis!

There are those of us who tend to await the opportunities. Hope that our efforts and hard work simply lead into professional opportunities. However the world is changing, and so too has the world of work. We can no longer rely on our employers...

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The Journey of a Life-Long Learner

Over the past few decades, I have seen the pace of the world increase to such an extent that all those wonderfully impossible things that I had read about in science fiction books were beginning to come true! I wanted a Dick Tracey watch … Apple...

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Remarkable Libraries – Spotlight on The Footpath Library

Libraries come in all shapes and sizes and fulfil numerous different functions. However the basic truth holds – those libraries that innovate and embrace their community, and their community’s needs, do the most extraordinary things. Welcome to our...

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Language, Literacy & Numeracy

Once known as the “3 Rs” (Readin’, wRitin’ and ‘Rithmatic), LLN or Language, Literacy and Numeracy are the core skills of a developed society. These skills allow us to communicate ideas, thoughts and needs to others. They allow us to increase our...

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The 7 Rules of Motivation

We become what we think about. To change our lifestyle we must change our thinking habits. We change our thinking habits by being aware of them, and focusing on desired goals.

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The Practical Guide to Achievement and Personal Fulfilment – Attracting Abundance

There are simple means to attract abundance; all you need to do is learn how to attract it. Follow the means to attract abundance and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of “

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