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New Year. New You! 5 reasons to make studying a Library qualification with LTSA your New Year’s Resolution.

It’s amazing how little importance we place on personal or professional development over the Christmas break, and understandably so... it is 'that' crazy time of the year. Then, almost without warning and pretty quickly, New Years Eve is...

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The Journey of a Life-Long Learner

Over the past few decades, I have seen the pace of the world increase to such an extent that all those wonderfully impossible things that I had read about in science fiction books were beginning to come true! I wanted a Dick Tracey watch … Apple...

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Remarkable Libraries – Spotlight on The Footpath Library

Libraries come in all shapes and sizes and fulfil numerous different functions. However the basic truth holds – those libraries that innovate and embrace their community, and their community’s needs, do the most extraordinary things. Welcome to our...

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The 7 Rules of Motivation

We become what we think about. To change our lifestyle we must change our thinking habits. We change our thinking habits by being aware of them, and focusing on desired goals.

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How to Stay Motivated

Yes, the first sentence you are reading applies only to you and no one else! Have you ever wondered what motivation really is, and how one can keep oneself motivated in spite of all the negative forces pulling you in all different directions?...

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